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Spectator Agreement

The CTAA Program strives to be the best, in providing a positive Sportsmanship Environment for our players. Our program is bigger than any one player, coach or spectator. As a CTAA Spectator, we require the following:
  1. Encourage members of both teams.
  2. Keep all comments positive.
  3. Only players and coaches are allowed on the field, no exceptions.
  4. Leave the coaching to the coaches. If you have suggestions or would like to coach next years team please volunteer so you can attend the mandatory coaching clinics, pass the background check, sign the coaches contract and pass the coaches written test.
  5. Criticizing the officials, coaches, opponents or fans will not be tolerated at all. Same goes for abusive language or cursing. This is youth sports, everyone makes mistakes.
  6. Be supportive, creating unnecessary drama or stirring controversy is grounds for dismissal from the program.  
  7. Do not beg or suggest calls to the referees. 
  8. You are responsible for all family members and friends attending the games to watch your child.
  9. No open alcoholic beverages on the fields or parking areas.
  10. Help make this a positive and fun experience for all.
  11. Report any violations to head coach or board member. Get involved.
Policy Enforcement
  1. Individuals will be given one warning for inappropriate activity.
  2. Individuals that continue will be asked to leave the fields and the player will be removed from the game until the spectator has left.
  3. Other sanctions as deemed necessary by the president or board may be enforced, including permanent ban.